Cabs to Bellary

Bellary is 310 kms from Bangalore.

Bellary Fort is a place of historical, archeological and geological interest. Daytime is most suitable for visits. The hill fort is illuminated on Sundays and days of national importance.
The city is host to a number of Hindu temples of varying antiquity, examples being the Bellary Durgamma temple in the Gandhinagar area, the Malleshwara temple in the Fort area, the Laxminarayana temple on Brahmin Street and the Yogini Kolhapuri Mahalakshmi temple at Vidyanagar.
Kuntegadda Park (the Golden Jubilee Park or Dr.Rajkumar Park) is a paid-entry urban park suitable for people of all ages. It features a musical fountain show in the evenings.
Bellary Zoo.

A museum to exhibit findings from the Sanganakallu and other neolithic sites is proposed to be built at the Kannada and Culture complex, adjacent to the Deputy Commissioner’s residence in Patel Nagar, Bellary. The proposed museum complex aims to bring into focus the history and cultural heritage of Bellary. There are also plans to create an audio-visual time capsule of landmark of the people of the region through the ages. A fully built two-storied building of about 8,000 sq ft (740 m2) has been made available by the district administration for the museum..

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British colonial buildings

The following is a list of buildings built during the British colonial period. Despite many of them having been partially modified, they retain the typical colonial British style architecture..

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