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Bidar is 690 kms form Bangalore.

Bidar  is a city in the Indian state of Karnataka. Located on the Deccan Plateau in the north-eastern part of Karnataka. It is the headquarters of the Bidar District.which shares its border with the Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.It is north-est district of Karnataka state. It is also called as crown of karnataka.
Bidar city is known for its Bidri handicraft products. Manjira River is one of the main rivers supplying drinking water to Bidar .
Recently Bidar was ranked 22nd among the [1] cleanest cities in India, and 5th cleanest in Karnataka.

Places of Interest

The Historical monuments and sites in and around the Bidar city belong to different periods of history, Pre-Kaktiya, Tughlaq, Bahamani, Barid Shahi, Adil Shahi, Mughal, Nizam. As far the architecture as concerned there is a intermixture of Hindu, Turkish and Persian artisanship. Some of the design and decorative patterns seen in the monuments of Bidar are unique in India..

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1.Hazrath Shamsuddin Abul Fatah Shaik Mohammed Multani R.A(Al-Maroof Multani     Bashah),Bidar. Shamsuddin Quadri Shrine popularly known as multani Badshah.
2. Dargah Syed Shah Burhanuddin Khaleelullah Kirmani But Shikan (R.A),Bidar at Choukhandi. The popular barid shahi tombs and a Jail made by the British before independence.
3.Guru Nanak Jhira Gurudwara..

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