Taxi to Davanagere

Davanagere is 272 kms from Bangalore.

Davangere or Davanagere is a city in the Indian state of Karnataka, lying in western South India. It is the administrative headquarters of Davangere District, which lies at the centre of the state of Karnataka. The city is located on National Highway 4 (India), at a distance of about 265 kilometres  from the state capital, Bangalore. Davangere became a separate district in 1997, when it was separated from the then united district of Chitradurga, for administration conveniences. It is the 7th-largest city in Karnataka.

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Durgambika Temple It is said that around 200 years ago, a stone was brought from Dugatti Village and installed in this temple and worshipped as Durga Devi. In 1932, this shrine was converted into the beautiful Durgambika Temple. The presiding deity is Durgambika, also known variously as Durgamma.

Subramanya Temple Subramanya temple is located close to NH4 highway on lokikere road. The presiding deity in this temple is Subramanya, also known as Lord Muruga(Tamil). Aadi Krithigai is a day auspicious for Lord Muruga. This year it falls on Aug 10, Subramanya or Muruga is the second son of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvathi. Extolled as the epitome of beauty, valour and “Jnana” [Supreme Knowledge], Muruga is worshipped in several ways, through various rituals. Here, special poojas and yagams are conducted for Lord Subramanya on Aadi Kirthigai day.

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