Taxi to Dharwad

Dharwad is 440 kms from Bangalore.

Dharwad, also known as Dharwar, is a city and a district in India’s Karnataka state.

Dharwad is the administrative seat of the Dharwad District. The municipality of Hubli-Dharwad (resulting from a merger in 1961 with its twin city Hubli, 22 kilometers away) covers an area of 200.23 km². Dharwad is located 425 km northwest of Bangalore, on National Highway 4, the main highway between Bangalore and Pune in Maharashtra. The climate is mildly hot during the summer (April-May), and pleasant during rest of the year, as it is at an altitude of about 750m, plus still has a lot of greenery round.

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Nrupatunga Hill

A hillock which serves as a picnic spot for the citizens of Hubli-Dharwad.

Unkal Lake

A pictorial water spot with a magnificent sunset view, this perfect picnic spot has green garden, recreational facilities for the children, boating facilities, etc. The lake is 3 km away from Hubli.
Unkal Lake

Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden

This is a public garden with recreational amenities maintained by city municipality. It houses a large glass building resembling a similar structure in Lalbagh of Bengaluru.

Indira Glass House has been renovated into a more beautiful park. The entry fee here is Rs 10 for elders and Rs 5 for children. Inside the park is a small toy train in which you can get on and enjoy the park.

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